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At the core of Airtech Safety is knowledge, experience, insight and professionalism.

At Airtech Safety we hold all the necessary approvals and constantly develop our network and performance in direct allignment with product development. We use only original parts and product protocols in our maintenance, service and certification of each system.

Technicians holds certificates that can only be obtained from the manufacturers of the systems.

Airtech Safety primary mission lies in the professional service and maintenance of STASS, HEED, CA-EBS, MEER systems, regardless of brand and model used in offshore aviation operations worldwide.

These systems is also used in vehicles used in wet terrain and as a general rescue evacuation device.

The systems is used by civilian and military worldwide.

Airtech Safety is a company in the north dedicated exclusively to this mission.

Our Mission: Is helping to save lives in emergencies in wet environments

Our Vision: Is to be the leading company and recommended choice within the industry

Our Strategy: Is to meet and surpass customer requirements, every time

Customer discretion is a key factor for us. Please ask for references.


Our services

Service and Maintenance

Fast and simple repair, service and maintenance of CA-EBS, STASS, HEED systems. Diving regulators and other breathing equipment

PureAir Filling Station

Airtech Safety is certified as commercial filling station with PureAir DIN EN12021. We are filling SCUBA, Fire equiptment, Airsoft and other aircontainers. 200/300 BAR

Air systems

Airtech Safety is providing the offshore industry with CA-EBS onsite air systems. This is done in accordance and collaboration with BAUER


Puplic Safety Equipment

Military Diving Equipment

Aviation and Tactical Equipment

Commercial Diving Equipment


Meet Us

Daniel Engel

Managing Director and Founder


Care about the air you breath

Airtech Safety is DIN EN12021 Certified

Talking about breathing air standards, Airtech safety is at the top of line being certified by BAUER, as PureAir station. PureAir by BAUER is DIN EN12021 and approved for the medical industry. Why you and your equipment is being cared for in the absolute best way possible

Airtech Safety supplies every single system with a certificate


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